David Bowie is


One million visitors!

posted : 07/5/2015

We can be heroes  !

On Monday, at around 10:30pm, Sébastien decided to make a jaunt over to the Philharmonie de Paris to visit the David Bowie Is exhibition. With a few clicks, he booked his ticket online for the time slot at noon. On Tuesday morning, he set out for Paris from Niort, by car. When the exhibition opened its doors for the day, the V&A, Sennheiser and Philhamronie museum teams were there, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their 'Starman' – the millionth visitor on the exhibition's world tour.

What will he be like? Is he a boy or a girl ? Is he from Earth or Outer Space ?

In a top secret operation, a copy of the catalogue was autographed by David Bowie himself, with a special dedication.

Dédicace de David Bowie

David Bowie Is Amazed at how you worked out where to stand in line to make you 1,000,000th. Well done!

After his visit, Sébastien also took home a Sennheiser cap and a subscription to three concerts at the Philharmonie. He dedicated his trophy to Nico, who introduced him to Bowie's albums Aladdin Sane, Diamond Dogs and Station to Station when they were teenagers. Naturally, he is over the moon about this incredible 'encounter' with David Bowie!